Monday, October 19, 2015

Today was a wonderful day! The first day I actually felt more like myself. Inwardly, I feel strong but my baby girl just completed a growth spurt week and had me up every night until dawn. However, my spirit is soaring and full of power. I have become determined not to allow my physical state and current natural circumstance to gauge my inner man and silence the authority given to me. I know my life is not always a cake walk but the Bible reads that I am already equipped for every good work. So often times I settled for the slick oil spot in the road rather than completing the course I just spin out and receive the belief that I cannot finish because of this area right here. Now I realize through meditation on the word of God and taking ownership of the power bestowed upon me through the holy spirit that God will not assign a task without the end in mind. There is no fizzle, spin out, slick spot, canyon or wreck that can deter a focused me when I come to terms with who I really am. I am tired physically, but I don't have to dwell on it. I can speak strength to my spirit, feed myself the word of God, meditate on these promises in his word, empower myself with praise and worship and persevere through whatever Life chooses to push towards my path. I am blessed and encouraged to speak the desired end and not the present view. I want my children to witness faith in operation daily in our home and grow up knowing that it should be apart of everyday life.

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