Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Every SIngle Day

Today I am meditating on every moment making a difference. I have shed my religious programming and relaxed into the Kingdom. It seems the fine line balancing motherhood, wifedom and nursing with other hats I pick up in between is very delicate. There is a very colorful and exciting present anticipation of what is going on in my environment. I am seeing a manifestation of the word the promises of God in my life by simply relaxing and resting in knowing about the Kingdom of God. I am finished with going to church to be entertained and pass the time. There is no point leaving the house to go to a building after working a double shift to "press my way through" only to hear a message I have heard before and a lesson I have passed in life's trials, to hear different forms of entertainment, announcements, jokes, singers who don't want to sing, ushers who aren't happy with ushering and falling asleep, wrestling with my baby girl and feeling as if my time and energies have been wasted through a form of corralling the troops to give more money or do more when THIS IS NOT THE EXAMPLE Jesus set! He didn't say when you come together sing several songs, and make everyone feel good. Jesus told us to Do, To rest in his father to provide. Listen our ability is within to build and cultivate. There is a seed inside of each one of us like a plant, When a problem meets the gift wealth is the result! If there is no problem being solved by this "gathering", then there is no seed being sown or wealth being regenerated. I can place a seed in a jar and put a lid on it knowing all the fruit that the seed can produce. It is not until I plant that seed in the proper environment and soil that it produces the fruit that has always been within. I feel that sometimes when I darken the doors of a church that I am just witnessing lots of seeds in jars. We are made in the likeness of God and there is a creative force of life that is constantly whirling within our souls. We have the capacity to think like God. We cannot shut off our minds, ability, gifts and talents and expect someone else to hear God for us, speak for us, do for us and give us the answers. We have more to do!
I have an assignment. I do not want to feel manipulated, played, or used. I just want to be able to walk in the fullness that I have foreseen in the vision that God has shown me. I want to live a disciplined life and produce results according to the Destiny I know is within reach. I am watching people in leadership roles not lived disciplined lifestyles but expecting the results of one who does, Everything that moves towards planning and producing the vision that is placed withing has to be intentional. The other things or circumstances involved are most likely things that need to be changed and trimmed so that what is left is a direct path to the appointed place. If what we are doing with our time or have allowed in our daily life take up time and space but have nothing to do with the immediate next place then STOP. God will provide for the vision but often times we are looking for the BIG money to do All that we know that we are called to do. However, the fact remains that when the children of Israel needed food he provided manna for a day, each day. He didn't say store these up for the next few years and I'll be back then... He provided immediate provision. Jesus even provided the immediate need of fish and bread to the people with some left over to store but that came from 2 fish and 5 loaves. Meaning that when the miracle happened the circumstances were screaming you don't have enough. We need to remember that it will get to feeling like we are on our last, or scrapping the bottom of the barrel that a parachute does not need to be opened until you first jump. Abandon, logic, reason, numbers, and the crowd for purpose, destiny, truth, and direction.  I am just now to the place that I can see the SALT within me to influence the world around me and how it is to be used. We are obligated to be light that others need to see. We are called to be the salt of the earth, the yeast that causes transformation and growth in others and the force that separates hot and cold. I am finally free by embracing my true identity and responsibility.

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